Sponsorship, Education, Community

Community Involvement

We love to recycle and we love to educate others as to how they can best recycle their waste – especially when it relates to civil construction, building or landscaping! Contact us for information on our education program, or in regard to how we can support your community or school project.

BMI Resource Recovery offers programmed school visits for local schools, educating primary school students about sustainable waste management, recycling and resource recovery and giving students a firsthand look at the behind-the-scenes working of landfills and recycling centres. We also ensure that local schools and community groups receive sponsorship and support where best needed.

Want to know more?

For more information on BMI Resource Recovery’s educational services or community involvement, including school science or craft project sponsorship, our work with the Oxley Creek Catchment Association, and our support of community festivals including the Teneriffe Festival, please contact BMI Sales Team on 07 3272 0143 to make an enquiry.

Fun & Educational Stuff

For more information on recycling and keeping our country clean, or for some great educational tools about recycling you can visit these websites: