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BMI is a leading industry player in resource recovery and recycling within the construction and demolition waste sector. Resource Recovery activities are undertaken at all sites, however we operate two Resource Recovery plants that focus on the recovery of various materials, including concrete, bricks, masonry, asphalt, green waste, timber, soils, metals, e-waste, and plasterboard from a mixed waste stream. 

The waste is separated at our facilities for further reprocessing or collected by specialist recycling partners. More than 90% of the waste delivered to BMI's Resource Recovery sites is recycled and reused. BMI’s concrete crushing plants play a crucial role in producing a range of recycled road base products used in building, landscaping, and civil construction. 

BMI is dedicated to sustainable practices and continuously strives for improvements in waste recovery, recycling, and reuse.


BMI has managed and operated several landfills in South-East Queensland, complementing the resource recovery efforts and increasing the landfill diversion rates.
Located at the northern Gold Coast, Stapylton Resource Recovery commenced landfill operations in 2018. This site has a landfill capacity of 10,000,000 m3 of airspace and covers a footprint area of 23 hectares.

This Landfill is a highly engineered site that is a environmentally sound way to manage waste that currently can't be recycled. 

BMI Group

This double-lined landfill accepts the following waste streams:

Approvals have been received for a new landfill and resource recovery facility located at New Chum 33kms west of Brisbane. Bulk earthworks commenced in late 2023 with an anticipated date to receive waste in 2025.

This landfill will have a capacity of 9,000,000 m3 of airspace and will accept the following waste:

Site Rehabilitation

BMI continues to manage several rehabilitation projects within sites impacted by mining, quarrying or heavy industry. These sites are then rehabilitated and repurposed achieving the best use for the site.

BMI Group
BMI Group
Mt Gravatt East Resource Recovery

Pine Mountain Road, 
Mount Gravatt East

This 35ha site is receiving excess clean earth from inner city development projects with this site, once rehabilitated being purposed as a residential infill site featuring 50% bushland restoring the natural habitat to this region.

Larapinta Resource Recovery

Paradise Road, Larapinta

This former sand quarry receives clean earth from the Brisbane and Logan suburbs and is conveniently located near the Logan Motorway.

This site is accessible for truck and dogs, semi- trailers, and tip trucks. This 172ha site has had extensive rehabilitation undertaken and is being developed for future recreational use.

Redbank Plains Resource Recovery

Gypsum Drive, Redbank Plains

This former coal mine site has little use in its current form. BMI has invested significant resources in this 30ha site reinstating the residual voids, revegetating site boundaries, and managing heat issues.

This site forms part of the BMI resource recovery network with this site servicing Ipswich and the Ripley Valley, one of the largest urban growth areas in Australia.

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