The Resource Recovery & Transfer Station facilities receive construction and demolition material co-mingled or as separated waste that is recovered, recycled, or reused including:

Waste management

The Watson Road Resource Recovery and Stapylton Resource Recovery facilities have obtained Greenstar accreditation as construction and demolition (C&D) waste facilities.

This accreditation highlights their dedication to diverting waste from landfills, minimizing the environmental impact within the community, and contributing to Australia’s circular economy objectives. To understand the specific types of waste accepted at each site, please refer to Site Waste Acceptance Guide, as some waste types may not be accepted at all locations.

Landfill Waste

Our lined landfill located at Stapylton Resource Recovery accepts a range of waste types that is not suitable for resource recovery including:

Acidic SolutionsAnimal Effluent & ResiduesAsbestosBasic Solutions & Bases
CopperFilter CakeFly AshFire Debris
Food Processing WasteLead WasteIndustrial ResiduesMineral Oils
Polymerised WasteSurface Treatment WasteSewage SludgeBiosecurity Waste (deep burial only)
Waste management

All waste acceptance is subject to meeting environmental approval criteria. 

For futher information regarding acceptable wastes contact our Sales Team for assistance.

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